Respiratory diseases, airway obstructions and breathing difficulties are potential complications associated with temporary or permanent tracheostomy in infants, children and adults alike. Airway suctioning is necessary, for example, to keep a tracheostomy tube clear and the airways free. Airway suction is also needed to clear the airways after an accident or in patients with other airway difficulties.

Medela Healthcare respiratory
Airway suction

Airway suction

Medela designs its airway suctioning pumps to ensure that patients’ quality of life remains as high as possible. Medela’s pumps offer rapid vacuum build-up, and they are lightweight, portable and easy for patients to use. This is especially important for patients who have been discharged from hospital and now face lengthy spells of home care. Being self-sufficient can have a positive impact on a patient's mental state and reduce the need for intensive care. From the perspective of the respiratory medical team, the pumps are also easy to explain and maintain.

Versatile and effective suction with Medela pumps

Medela offers pumps for airway suctioning. The Vario 18 pump has been developed for hospital, clinical and home use.

Fluid collection

Fluid collection

Collection canisters must be convenient, hygienic and easy to use, with a low risk of pump contamination.

Hygienic secretion collection: Vario 18 suction pumps

Medela offers comprehensive secretion management systems for the Vario 18 pumps.