For purchasing departments, the rising cost of healthcare is a constant challenge. As a supplier of medical technology products, Medela is committed to providing the best healthcare service – not only in terms of patient wellbeing, but also by taking into account the budgetary challenges faced by hospital administrators and purchasing departments.

Purchasing medical devices

Medela offers a range of vacuum pumps and ancillary equipment to serve surgeons, nurses, respiratory specialists, and pediatric and maternity wards. In addition, nurses, hospital technicians and home care providers can all benefit from Medela medical equipment.

Medela offers a range of medical devices for use in chest drainage, airway and surgical suctioning, fluid collection and fluid management and wound drainage therapy. All Medela vacuum pumps offer a variety of specifications, which allows medical staffs to select the appropriate pump for uses ranging from surgical and endoscopic interventions, to post-procedural rehabilitation.

Medical suction systems

Complete medical suction systems

Medela product prices not only include state-of-the-art design and technology, but also on-site training, support and after-sales service,.

Medela also offers a full range of accessories, with interchangeable items such as fluid collection systems, suction tubing and filters, which allows for flexibility and reduced stock inventories.

Cost benefits

Long-term cost benefits

All pumps have at least a two-year warranty, and Medela customer service data shows that the pumps are durable and have a long lifespan. All Medela pumps are sealed units, which prevents contamination. The pump casing can be wiped clean with disinfectants after use, which ensures that the pump can be reused safely. Thanks to their modular design, all Medela products are easy to store and can be assembled quickly.