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Vario 18 c/i Surgical Suction Pump

The Vario 18 c/i is a multipurpose medical suction pump for hospitals and clinics that provides constant and intermittent suction.

Quiet, reliable constant or intermittent suction

The Vario 18 c/i guarantees maximum suction performance for a range of constant and intermittent suctioning needs, such as gastric and surgical suctioning. Intermittent suction can provide more delicate drainage, while the constant suction mode is used for smaller interventions or airway suctioning. The versatility of the device makes the Vario 18 c/i a great multipurpose pump for hospitals and clinics.


Benefits of the Vario 18 c/i

The Vario 18 c/i is powered by the well-proven QuatroFlex system, a patented piston/cylinder drive unit that ensures the device operates reliably and silently.

The Vario 18 c/i allows the suction pressures recommended for delicate operations to be precisely set and maintained.

The use of a single device for constant and intermittent suctioning reduces training time.

  • Reduced training costs
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • 30 minutes of cordless operation: ideal for patient transfers
  • No need to purchase new collection systems: use it with the same canisters/liners as Medela's Dominant Flex and Basic hospital pumps.

The Vario 18 c/i can be used in either constant or intermittent mode and is thus a versatile pump for a range of applications.

The membrane vacuum regulator allows for variable and precise vacuum settings. Its design ensures that the vacuum settings cannot be changed inadvertently.

The Vario 18 c/i features a built-in battery charger that allows for 30 minutes of cordless and mobile. Acoustic and visible alarms notify the user when the battery needs recharging.

Operating the Vario 18 c/i is both easy and intuitive. All accessories are designed to complement the device and prevent false connections.

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