Medela Invia Motion

Invia Motion Personal NPWT Pump

Medela's Invia Motion Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) pumps are designed to treat chronic and acute wounds. To the caring clinician, Invia Motion delivers the convenience of a personal pump while providing complete therapy. Invia Motion is a personal NPWT device for every patient.

Personal NPWT pump with clinical flexibility

Medela offers a complete portfolio of products for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), a wound treatment technique performed by applying negative pressure to the wound by using a sealed dressing connected to a negative pressure vacuum pump.

Medela's Invia Motion provides a full range of therapy options and improves patient mobility and autonomy. The Invia Motion’s small and lightweight design helps facilitate wound care while allowing patients to pursue their normal daily activities.


Benefits of Invia Motion

The Invia Motion offers the inherent benefits of a personal device: convenience and optimum hygiene. Patients treated with Invia Motion benefit from a new, disposable negative pressure wound therapy pump.

Invia Motion devices and accessories are available with different run times that are adapted to the patient’s length of treatment.

The system is flexible, as it offers a choice of constant or intermittent therapy modes, multiple pressure settings and various drainage options that can be used with either antimicrobial gauze or polyurethane foam dressings.

  • Small and lightweight design
  • Very hygienic – every patient receives a new device
  • Multiple pressure settings for optimal flexibility
  • Five acoustic signals for patient safety

The suction capacity of Invia Motion measures up to 1L/min.

Multiple drainage options can be used with either antimicrobial gauze or polyurethane foam dressings.

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