Disposable Collection System

Medela’s Disposable Fluid Collection products provide hygienic, easy-to-use and economical fluid management.

Easy to use and hygienic

Fluid collection must be hygienic and user-friendly while remaining economical . Medela’s Disposable Collection System comes with only two liner sizes and thus reduces logistical requirements.


Benefits of Disposable Collection System

The one-piece liner is simply placed in the canister. Logistical requirements are reduced by having only two liner sizes: 1500 and 2500cc's.

All liners have built-in safety features: overflow protection/bacteria filter, pre-filter and a non-return valve to prevent back-flow.

  • Easy to insert and remove liner from canister
  • Time-saving setup. Ready to use in seconds: vacuum tubing is connected only once, and there is no need to detach it when liner is removed
  • Hygienic collection and disposal of suctioned fluids
  • Reduced logistical requirements
  • One-glance quality check to ensure the correct liner is in the canister, thanks to the distinctive color coding

Distinctive color coding for less confusion: orange liner into orange canister; yellow liner into yellow canister.

The locking clasp keeps the canister securely in place for one-handed liner removal. If large amounts of fluid need to be suctioned, the system can be used in serial connection or with a special change-over valve.

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