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Thopaz Digital Chest Drainage System

Thopaz has set new standards in thoracic drainage therapy. The compact system provides regulated negative pressure close to the patient’s chest, which is ideal for pleural and mediastinal drainage. A digital display shows actual and long-term air leak data to allow for timely and objective decisions regarding chest drain management.

Providing advanced treatment with ease

In close collaboration with medical experts, and based on thorough research, Medela is setting new standards in digital chest drainage management.

In the case of an air leak, Thopaz can be used to apply regulated negative pressure close to the patient's chest. Actual and long-term data are displayed to allow for timely and objective decision-making.

Thanks to the mobile chest drainage system’s built-in suction source, patients enjoy freedom of mobility without being attached to a wall suction device.


Benefits of Thopaz

Thopaz provides an innovative means of therapy that allows healthcare professionals to objectively monitor air leaks, thereby helping them to make timely and confident decisions regarding chest drain management.

This also translates into potential cost reductions for hospitals (see Reference).


  • Early patient mobilization encourages quicker patient recovery after surgery.
  • Peace of mind for the healthcare professional: objective monitoring data enables confident decision-making for chest tube management.
  • The standardization of chest drainage management among different surgeons and institutions results in important clinical benefits.
  • Added flexibility: the healthcare professional can choose how to position the system.

A digital display provides objective data in real time as well as a 24-hour graph of the air leak for easy monitoring of therapy progress. The Thopaz safety features include alarms that alert the nursing personnel to promptly intervene in the event of a potentially hazardous situation. 

Thopaz is small and compact. Patients regain mobility sooner.

Easy setup and operation support healthcare professionals in their daily work. 

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