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Medela Thopaz plus docking station

Accessories and Disposables for Thopaz System

Thopaz sets a new standards in chest drainage management in terms of mobility, objective digital data and ease of use.

Canister 300 mL

Thopaz Disposables

Disposable Canisters

  • Available in 300mL, 800mL and 2-liter capacities to optimize drainage therapy and reduce the amount of waste.
  • All three sizes are available with or without solidifier, providing a hygienic and cost-effective method for disposing of patient fluid.


  • The dual-lumen tubing provides continuous monitoring of pressure close to the patient's chest.
  • Every five minutes, the tubing is flushed with a small amount of air to prevent clogging and guarantee uninterrupted  treatment.
  • Two types of connectors are available (single or double) in small, medium or large sizes to accommodate the preferred chest tubes.
  • All Thopaz tubing connectors contain a port for convenient sampling of drainage fluid.

Thopaz Accessories

Docking Station

  • The docking station can be placed on a level surface or clamped to a standard rail or IV pole.

Adapter Docking Station for 2-Liter Canister

  • For securing the 2L canister in place.

Holder with Standard Rail

  • For the easy attachment of Thopaz to rails, beds or IV poles. Can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Universal Holder with Flexible Standard Rail

  • For the easy attachment of Thopaz to rails, beds or IV poles.
  • Full range of adjustment of the rail's inclination (360°).

Carrying strap

  • For carrying the Thopaz.
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