Clario Airway Suction Pump

The Clario airway suction pump provides easy-to-use, highly mobile suction for home healthcare professionals and patients in need of airway suction. The Clario's clever engineering makes it easy to operate.

Mobility and reliability

Thanks to their mobility, portable airway suction pumps help to improve the quality of life of patients in need of airway suctioning.

With its compact, portable design, the Clario offers users freedom of movement. The Clario combines clever engineering with smart design and ease of use, as its three components can be clicked together in an instant. A threefold hygienic design prevents overflow and contamination.


Benefits of Clario

Home healthcare professionals and patients in need of airway suctioning will benefit from the Clario’s modular, lightweight design and mobility.

  • Modular design for fast and easy assembly.
  • Three preset vacuum levels make it easy to operate.
  • Very hygienic – routine cleaning is simple.
  • Ready for reuse – or for the next user – in an instant.

The Clario’s modular design consists of three main parts for fast and easy assembly: the drive unit, the canister and the SafetyChamber.

The threefold hygienic design prevents overflow from entering into the mechanical parts of the pump. No filters are required, and there is no need to open the device for cleaning.

The Clario’s weight – just 2kg – gives the user more freedom. The Clario and its components can be taken anywhere discreetly and conveniently in the optional carrying bag.


The battery-operated version provides more than 50 minutes of suction time.

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