The life-giving benefits of breast milk

Medela is passionate about breast milk, which contains all the essential nutrients needed to foster a baby's physical and mental development, and which cleverly adapts to the needs of the growing infant. With at least five times more ingredients than formula, it is full of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and vital antibodies needed to strengthen the immune system. Recently, it has been shown that it also contains stem cells, the universal building blocks for growth and development.

A research-based company

Medela is a research-based company. Its investment in basic research continues to generate new insights that provide a scientific basis for new product developments. The company's most recent innovations include a feeding device that allows babies to apply the same sucking behavior as learned on the breast, as well as Initiation and 2-Phase Expression Technologies ‒ exclusive pumping patterns to help mothers initiate, build and maintain their milk supply.

Mother and infant health

Commitment to mother and infant health

Medela’s products and educational resources are driven by the commitment to enhance mother and infant health through the life-giving benefits of breast milk. It is Medela's goal to help mothers breastfeed as long as possible, as well as to provide in-depth information that empowers mothers to make informed decision about their breastfeeding goals.

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